Salsify at The Roundhouse: Camps Bay Fine-Dining by Luke Dale Roberts + Co

Salsify at The Roundhouse: Camps Bay Fine-Dining by Luke Dale Roberts + Co Andy Lund

Wine and dine by the sea.

Camps Bay institution The Roundhouse, well-loved for its spectacular setting, has just received a Luke-Dale Roberts makeover (or should that be takeover?). You read that right, the superstar chef and his wife Sandalene have bagged the space for one of Luke’s talented proteges, chef Ryan Cole, to showcase his talents as head chef of this exciting restaurant.

After three years of working as Luke’s as head chef at The Test Kitchen, Ryan was undoubtedly a shoo-in for launching Salsify. “Ryan is a quick-minded natural talent, he’s one of the best technical chefs I’ve ever worked with and I trust him implicitly”, says Luke.

An ode the the unassuming root vegetable with a distinctly unique flavour, the eatery aims to serve fine-dining cuisine that’s all about surprising taste combinations, without the snobbery and pretension.

Local and lekker

In addition to a strong focus on fish (we are by the sea after all!), there will be waste-not-want-not nose-to-tail approach and a full focus on locally sourced ingredients.

“Cape Town has such amazing produce and we’ll definitely be making the most of what our suppliers can source – I’m especially excited about the micro seasons we experience in the Cape and the produce that’s only available for a few weeks at a time. I can’t wait to start sharing our discoveries with our guests”, says Ryan.

Why play it safe?

The restaurant is located on the upper level of this historic building – and has been decorated by Luke’s wife and design partner, Sandalene, in a way that honours and challenges its historic past – think avant-garde graffiti (produced by international street artist Louis de Villiers, AKA Skull Boy), combined with a 1.3m bronze sculpture by local sculptor Otto du Plessis, faded vintage rugs set on the original faded oak floors, antique pieces, and modern upholstered chairs in a mix of patterned velvets and fabrics emphasise the marriage of old world and new.

“We’re beyond playing things safe,” says Sandalene. “We want people to be interested in wanting to know more about everything they see and taste.”

It’s a good thing then that the trusted team, including general manager Markus Fiedler (previously from The Test Kitchen) and acclaimed sommelier Nash Kanyangarara, are masters of their respective crafts.

“We’re ready for something new and we think the city is ready too”, says Luke. We are certainly ready to take a bite!

Opened 16 October 2018
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