DJ Rob Vember on Cape Town

DJ Rob Vember on Cape Town

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The KFM drive-show host, 30-something, on the best coffee, sushi and walk in Cape Town.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, I studied at Rhodes University, and recently returned to the Mother City after six years in Johannesburg.

What I love most about living in Cape Town is that you never have to scratch your head to find things to do. The city works and lives.

The best restaurant meal I’ve eaten recently was the slow-roasted aubergine-wrapped lamb served with baba ghanoush, baby veg, red wine jus and minted yoghurt at La Petite Ferme in Franschhoek.

I am a borderline hermit; it takes an army to get me out of the house.

My favourite sushi spot is Sakura in Tokai for the best value for money and great sushi.

Upon returning to the Cape, I lived between Noordhoek and Kommetjie. I was on the beach daily with my dogs, who rule my life.

I’ve never been one for lists or bucket lists; I generally take life as it comes.

The best coffee in my area is from La Belle Bistro & Bakery at the Alphen Hotel.

The best walk in my area is the Alphen trail in Constantia. I’m there almost daily with my dogs; we absolutely love it.

The Banting diet is something I haven’t paid much attention to, so I can’t really comment on it with any authority. My general approach to eating (of late) is all about balance, and I generally steer clear of anything with cult-like tendencies.

To be a (good) broadcaster, you need a thick skin, a sense of humour, and to be self-critical.

I’m currently busy trying to lose weight.

On Sunday I sleep in for as long as the dogs allow before they decide it’s time for their walk.

Money is nothing, means nothing, fulfils nothing.

Straight after this, I’m going to watch Obama on The Colbert Report.

The Kardashians… who cares?

Shrien Dewani’s luck will run out.

When I wake up in the middle of the night either I need to pee or one of the dogs does.

One day I will learn to live in the moment and not worry about “one day” –  it’s a process.

Rob hosts the drive-time show on Kfm from 3pm – 7pm on weekdays. Follow him on Twitter: @Rob_Vember


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Time of publication: 29 December 2014

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