Lucky Bamboo at Spice Route Destination: Amazing Plants + Unique Homeware

Lucky Bamboo Spice Route All photos: Liza an Deventer, Fairlady

Positive energy, good vibes and cool collectibles.

Spice Route is a Winelands destination full of delightful pursuits, be they culinary, creative or visual. The latest arrival to this multi-faceted estate is Lucky Bamboo, a lifestyle shop dedicated to all things green, gorgeous and gift-worthy. Its name? A reference to the plant, revered in the East for its fortune-boosting properties.

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Treasure trove

Owner Suki Tong has created a tranquil space filled with greenery – stems of lucky bamboo in beautiful vessels designed to show off this plant’s fascinating contours and foliage, alongside Chinese money plants, money trees, golden coin daisies, philodendrons and other flora with good positive energy.

Lucky Bamboo Decor Spice Route

Amid the lushness, you’ll discover Feng Shui-inspired decorative items, featuring anything from Zen motifs, Ming dragons, maneki neco lucky cats and tattoo imagery to gemstones, delicate paper art and copper-wire creations. There are also vintage finds, such as wood-carved lamps, Indochine clay pots and water fountains, repurposed for today’s modern decor aesthetic.

Suki collaborates with several artists and designers to create the unique stock for her shop, which pays homage to her Asian and African heritage. One of the first items she produced, and which remains a bestseller, is a printed-graphic bamboo wood block with a tube vase.

Her shop team is also trained to make origami cranes – the charming gift every shopper receives with their purchase. Growing up, Suki’s family folded origami at the table after dinner, and it is one of her great passions. She will be giving workshops, so watch this space.

Why lucky bamboo?

Lucky Bamboo Shop Spice Route

It’s beautiful, sustainable and has good positive energy. It’s also a low-maintenance house plant with longevity. For 4 000 years in China, lucky bamboo has been gifted or kept in homes and businesses to bring good fortune, prosperity, health and happiness.

There is significance in the number of stems in each installation Suki creates: two for luck and love; five for balance (echoing the five elements, it promotes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intuitional wellbeing). Eight stems symbolise abundance, while 21 stems is “the best all-purpose blessing”, explains Suki.

A visit to Lucky Bamboo is sure to fill you with peace and joy, and best of all, you can take a little of that home with you too.

Opening times Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm
Contact 079 559 9733,
Where to find it Spice Route Destination, Suid-Agter Paarl Road, Paarl

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Time of publication: 24 February 2023