Cape Town Science Centre: Teaching Kids the Joys of Discovery

Cape Town Science Centre: Teaching Kids the Joys of Discovery

Inspiration for budding astronauts and inventors…

According to Professor Yuval Noah Harari, acclaimed author of Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, the pace of change in the 21st century will be such that most of what you learn as a teenager will be completely irrelevant by the time you turn 40.

In other words, people of the future will need to be able to constantly reinvent themselves in order to succeed. They will require mental resilience, a willingness to learn new information, and the ability to incorporate it throughout their life. So, what better way to prepare children for the future than by cultivating a passion for discovery right now…

Kids need space

The Cape Town Science Centre boasts over 250 exhibits and puzzles, many of which are interactive. Activities on offer cover a wide range of disciplines including mathematics, technology and engineering, and highlights include:

  • Concor Construction Site – a playground in the form of a construction site where children can build themselves a house.
  • WCED Inflatable Planetarium – a tent emblazoned with pictures of the night sky.
  • A human gyroscope – where kids can spin around as though floating in a low-gravity environment.
  • Puzzling Things – a series of stimulating puzzles and brain twisters.

Food for thought

When you’re done hogging the gyroscope, head over to the iCafe – a privately run coffee shop offering refreshments, light meals and free internet. There’s also the Science Flea Market – a pop-up shop selling educational goods – the ideal spot to buy Christmas and birthday gifts.


370B Main Road Observatory Cape Town