Mitchell’s Whisky: Tastings + Specials at The V&A Waterfront

Mitchell’s Whisky: Tastings + Specials at The V&A Waterfront

This lively alehouse and eatery is rewriting the script on whisky tasting. And you should check out their daily specials!

Thanks to the School of Whisky at Mitchell’s Scottish Ale House at the V&A Waterfront, the puritanical notion that whisky is an expensive and acquired taste, only enjoyed by connoisseurs, is finally a thing of the past.

Whether you’ve dabbled in wee drams before or not, Mitchell’s has 45 of Scotland’s finest single malts on offer, making the journey to the Highlands, Lowlands and Islands accessible to all, as you taste your way through this impressive range.

Feel the spirit! After months of national lockdown, Mitchell’s is back with a punch: A R99 special!

Lunch or dinner for under R100

Let the laidback vibes wash over you, as you enjoy traditional Scottish pub fare for just R99. Mouthwatering options include pizza, sliders, steak, egg and chips, or scampi and chips.
Time Monday – Sunday, 9am – 9pm
Valid until Ongoing

Informative + fun whisky tastings

What’s more, the format of the tastings is simple, informative and fun. And that’s the whole idea behind the School of Whisky, says down-to-earth general manager Shaun Lewis, who is a far cry from the snooty Chesterfield-couch-and-cigar clan. “We wanted to introduce the joy of Scottish single malts to the everyday person, and highlight that it’s not solely for the wealthy, as is so often presumed. Many of the whiskies are very affordable.”

In step with this attitude, the tastings are informal, and can be done any time from 11am to 9pm, seven days a week. And while we’re busting myths… believe it or not: whisky is a great accompaniment for food. You’ll soon be able to experience this firsthand when the School rolls out its monthly Whisky Nights, which entail slightly more formal tastings combined with food pairings and led by experts.

Great Scotch!

Whisky Tasting Cape Town

As for the daily tastings, there’s no rush or set structure, apart from choosing one of the (humorously named) routes, and four of its whiskies, namely:

  • Islay Malts – For Peat’s Sake
  • The Islands – Fun in the Sun
  • The Highlands Malts – There Can Only Be One
  • Speyside Malts – Battle of the Teens (all 12-year-olds)
  • Regional Champs (includes eight whiskies from all over and allows you to choose one from each route)

Tasting trays are accompanied by the School’s beautifully curated guide, which has everything and more about the routes, distilleries and malts. Staff members are on hand for guidance, to amuse you with tales about family-owned distilleries, and to help you pronounce those tongue-twisters. (Bunnahabhain, anyone?)

The beauty of these leisurely tastings is that somewhere in between the Ardberg and Oban, the Old Pulteney and Cardhu, there’s plenty of lively banter about preferences, and even the staunchest of gin or white-wine drinkers find favourite new flavours. And the verdict on these single malt journeys? It’s unanimous – the ayes have it.

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