Tea Tasting at O’ways Teacafe: Taste Teas From All Corners of the Earth

Tea Tasting at O’ways Teacafe: Taste Teas From All Corners of the Earth

This tranquil tearoom in Claremont serves tasty food and a wide range of fine-leaf teas.

Situated in a busy lane in the heart of Claremont’s CBD, this quaint restaurant is a haven of calm where Asian-inspired vegetarian (and vegan) fare, the finest Nigiro leaf tea, and artisanal Origin coffee are the order of the day. The owner Lisa Tsai explains the O’ways philosophy: “I wanted to create a peaceful, homely space where city-weary souls can relax and recharge.”
Central to the O’ways experience is tea, a complex beverage with different flavours, properties and health benefits, and the clued-up waitrons will advise you on which brew will best complement your meal. Whether you’re after an energising green tea or a calming herbal infusion, you’ll find what you’re looking for on O’ways’ extensive tea list.
Even better, partake in one of the following O’ways Tea Appreciation Tastings which take place during trading hours.

Tea tasting at O’ways

During this tasting, guests will enjoy five different teas from all corners of the earth, savouring each one as you attempt to discern its flavours, aromas, colour and aftertaste. A tea connoisseur will be on hand to guide you through the various infusions and taste sensations.


20 Dreyer Street Claremont Cape Town


021 671 2850