SA’s Top Chefs Name Their Best Restaurants in Cape Town 2020

We asked 64 of SA's top chefs where they eat when they're not whipping up feasts in their own kitchens.

For the fourth consecutive year, we called on SA’s top chefs to vote for their best restaurants in Cape Town (that is, of course, when they’re not conjuring culinary magic in their own kitchens). Now, as Cape Town’s thriving restaurant scene continues to accrue accolades, and a new year dawns with more exciting developments on the horizon, we asked our counsel of gastronomic wizards to once again provide their hallowed insight.

We divided the questions into categories, to ensure we covered the gamut of experiences (and price ranges).

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Meet our panel of chefs

We’d like to thank all the chefs who participated in 2020 (arranged below in alphabetical order). We appreciate you taking time from your busy schedules to provide your much-valued input.
Important note We excluded votes from chefs who nominated their own restaurant(s).