Justine Drake on Cape Town

The TV chef and magazine editor, 47, on Banting, the best hangover cure and where to eat on date night.

I wear many hats, but the one that describes me best is “mom”.

I was born and raised in Cape Town.

The thing I love most about living in Cape Town is the sea

When out-of-towners come to town, I love to entertain them at home. With kids we don’t go out much…

Restaurants I rate include Marika for Greek and Il Leone for Italian. My daughter loves sushi, so we do a bit of Willoughbys.

My favourite date-night restaurants are The Pot Luck Club and Hallelujah. I love Asian influences.

An annual Cape Town event I always attend is Taste of Cape Town, of course. [Justine is a director of the festival].

My favourite weekend getaway is Churchhaven in Langebaan. We also love visiting our farm along the Outeniqua Pass.

On my bucket list is take my daughter to feed the squirrels in the Company’s Gardens. It’s something I haven’t done since I was a kid, ’cause I somehow forgot about it.

The best hangover cure is a Bloody Mary.

The Banting diet is misunderstood. People take it as a blanket diet for everyone and it isn’t. You need to know if the diet is suitable for you or not. I don’t know if I’d recommend it for children. My biggest problem is the lack of grain, whole grain, which I think is vital for my kids and I wouldn’t let them go without it.

My favourite wine is a good sauvignon blanc.

I don’t have any regrets, except for the hangover I have right now – but even that I don’t even really regret.

The three things I’d like to change about myself are:

  • I’d like to slow down.
  • I’d like to concentrate more.
  • And I’d like to find time to learn something new, particularity learn how to meditate.

On Sundays I read the paper in bed.

Money is a necessary evil.

Straight after this, I’m going into another meeting.

When I wake up in the middle of the night I wish I hadn’t.

One day I’m going to slow myself down.

Catch Justine Drake on Just Cooking on BBC Lifestyle, channel 174, every Tuesday at 9pm.

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Time of publication: 13 August 2015

7 Responses to “Justine Drake on Cape Town”

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    When are you going to do real budget meal recipes for those who cannot afford all the high price recipes that you print in the pick n pay magazine..

  2. Avatar


    Hi Justine, Please will you send me your Olive & anchovy sauce to go with the Fillet that you braai’d at Dietmar’s art Gallery. It was on a TV show about 10 years ago. I used it for the fillet for my 60th Birthday & want to do so again for my 70th. Regards Margie

  3. Avatar


    Justine. I love watching your cooking programme. You are so gorgeous and your beautiful voice makes me weak at the knees. I am also especially fond of those loose strands of golden hair that frame your lovely face

  4. Avatar

    Karon Jarman

    Hi justine i follow your cookery programme every sunday and and tuesday.
    my partner and i are coming to cape town in december 2016. do you have a restrurant in cape town
    kind regards
    karon jarman

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    Hi Justine I live in Mooi River kwazulu Natal and absolutely love your program. This is going to sound like the craziest question but I love the green jersey you were wearing on last nights show….my favourite colour! Where can I find one?

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    Hi justice love your show. I am too interested in where you got your enamel bowls. May I ask where you got them. Have a wonderful day regards lesley

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    Hi Justine , could you please tell me you got those lovely round enamel bowls that you use in your TV cookery show . I just love them . Thanks Helen .